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Gran Canaria Airport Parking

There are two official car parks at Gran Canaria airport with a total capacity of 3,545 vehicles. The car parks and their use are as follows:

  • P1: Any term, but best suited for short-term parking
  • P2: For long-term parking

P1 is the general car park. It has three floors and all the spaces are covered. It is just a short walk across the service road to the terminal building. When you enter the car park you will be given a ticket by the automated machine at the barrier. Take the ticket with you and pay before you return to your car. There are payment machines at all levels of the car park, which accept credit/debit cards and all Euro notes and coins, and they give change.

There is also a manned payment desk in the car park control centre where payments can be made by credit card and any issues dealt with. Once you have paid you have twenty minutes to exit the car park. For disabled drivers, there are convenient spaces for badge holders and there is access to all areas by ramps and/or lifts.

P2 is a four to five-minute walk from the terminal building. It has two levels, the lower being covered and the upper level is uncovered.

All payment machines and the car park barriers have a direct intercom to the control centre in case of any problems.

There is a separate car park for car rental returns which is clearly signposted. If you need to fill up your rental car with fuel there is an easily accessible service station at the airport.

Parking Rates

In P1, the price for short-term parking is very reasonable at less than €0.02 per minute to a total of around €1.02 for the first hour, and each hour after that at just under €2.00 up to a maximum of €13.00 per day for the first four days. From the fifth day onwards, the rate is €11.00 per day.

If you reserve your long-term parking in the long-stay car park, P2, the price is discounted at a variable rate according to the length of your stay. Parking for a week with a reservation would cost €54.00 if you book by using the form above, but without an advanced booking, it would be €85.00.


  • P1 Charges:
    • First hour: €1.02
    • Additional hours: €2.00 (max €13.00 per day)
    • Fifth day onwards: €11.00 per day
  • P2 Charges:
    • Weekly rate: €54.00 with online booking, €85.00 without.

Aena Club members can get benefits at the airport including additional parking discounts.

How to Find the Car Parks

You can access the airport from the north and southbound carriageways of the GC-1 motorway and the parking areas are easy to find. Follow the directions for the terminal and then the blue P1 signs for the short-term car park, or the yellow P2 signs for the long-term car park. There is a height restriction of 2.1 meters at the car park barriers so, if you are driving a motorhome, it will not fit. For a car rental return, follow the key & car symbol and the logo of your rental company.

Drop-Off Zone for Passengers

If you do not want to park while dropping off friends, there is a drop-off zone at the entrance to the arrivals hall, but you can only stop for a couple of minutes. It is strictly enforced and you will be moved on if you are there too long.

When picking up passengers, you can’t wait outside the terminal and if you leave your car unattended it will be removed immediately. Along with the inconvenience, it will not be cheap to get it back. With the low cost of parking, it is simpler just to use the car park.