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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria Airport is known as Las Palmas airport which was formerly called the Gando airport. It is a Spanish airport which is very important that is owned by AENA, a private enterprise. In Spain, it holds the fifth position when it comes to cargo and passengers transported and then it is the fourth in operational procedures. And it is the number one in Canary Island in all the mentioned categories. This airport is strategically located in Gran Canaria Island. During the year, 2011, this airport was known to have taken care of ten million five hundred thousand passengers from all over the world. This was an increase over 2010 passengers that came through the airport. With 23.7 million tones of travelling cargos that it took care of, this airport is one of the most relevant in Spain.

Gran Canaria Airport is very popular with its West African connection. Countries like Mauritania, Senegal, Cape Verde, Morocco and Western Sahara to name a few of these countries. And there is the Açores and Atlantic Isles of Madeira that it still takes care. This shows that there are lots of airlines that have the airport as their hubs like Norwegian Air Shuttle, NAYSA, Binter Canaries, Islas Airways, Ryanair, TUlfly and many other airlines. The location of this airport is 25m from the tourist areas in the city’s South and then 19km or 12mi from the South of the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is why a lot of people make use of it in coming to Las Palmas. Gran Canaria Airport is becoming better that it was some years ago because of the number of people entering and leaving yearly with an increase in their numbers.

The airport had a single terminal that was opened to the public in March 1973. And in October 1991, this terminal was improved to help with the increasing human traffic. There are three zones in the airport that are taking care of the traffic flow of these passengers. European Union Flights is Zone A, International flights outside the European Union has Zone B and then there is Zone C for flights from the airport to other parts of the islands in Canary. And more Zones are coming up always to support the passengers.

This airport is accessible easily by a lot of roadways from a lot of Islands to any part of Las Palmas. Taking cars or taxi services are preferred because of the structure of transportation that has been put in place. There are lots of things that are seen when you are taking Gran Canaria airport which is why the airport is very friendly to visitors. And because of these, there lots of shops that are seen around the airport. Florists understand that coming to the city would need flowers that would be given to loved ones and also to friends. This is the reason why floral shops are around the airport for one to pick.

There are shops for eating in Gran Canaria airport. This is what would help a visitor eat continental, local and exotic meals before departing from the airport. The waiting hall where passengers make use is designed in such a way that anyone there would feel free. And because the airport management understands that comfort and luxury is paramount to their visitors, they have made available a lot of shops that would give these passengers this privilege. And for those who would want to buy things for themselves and loved ones, there are shops around that would support them with consumer goods. And for tourists, there are lots of tourist’s support kits that can be gotten over the counters.

Airport Data

Official Name:
Gran Canaria
Time Zone:
GMT +0.0
DMS Latitude:
27° 55’ 55" N
DMS Longitude:
15° 23’ 12" W
Passengers (2016):
Official Website:


3,100m (10,171ft)
45m (148ft)
3,100m (10,171ft)
45m (148ft)